Closer Look at Virat Kohli's Tattoo

Virat Kohli loved by Many, hated by many but one thing which no one can hate its his tattoos, everyone want to get inked and everyone want to have the best one, so here get a closer look to his tattoos

1) Parents Name

2) Lord Shiva

3)Om with some negative space

4) God's Eye

5) Tribal Tatto

6) Monastery

7) Japanese Samurai

8) Zodiac Sign

9)ODI and Test Cap Numbers

Virat Kohli's Mantra for life:

"I don't need to look any further than both my arms to understand where I was and where I've come now. The only focus I have in life right now is to be able to impact people's lives in a positive way. It needs to be so simple for you to be able to unleash your best self. And you have to go to the basics what we call in cricket. I think it applies to life as well. There's no rocket science, there's no secret to it"

You get one life get inked whatever you want to, like Virat adores his parents, cricket, he is adherent of lord Shiva, he believes in him. He gives him strength so get it all of of them.