Shreyas Iyer presented a strong case for himself: Virat Kohli

The combination of Iyer-Kohli has worked well for India in their victorious run in the second and third ODI that helped them clinch the series with batting an eye , and the captain felt the Shreyas Iyer hasn't intimidated by his presence at the crease, and played with a great confidence, which is a positive sign for the team.

"Shreyas has come along really well, he's just stepped in and played with a lot of confidence and I think that augurs really well for the team. He's presented a strong case for himself to be a strong contender and a regular feature in the middle order if he keeps continuing to play like that and take responsibility in that manner," Kohli said

"He understood the value of performing in these situations and it will only boost his confidence further," said Kohli. "I was exactly the same when I came in, any opportunity I got I wanted to win games for my team and play according to the situation. You have to take risks - he was brave under pressure - you need to reveal your game, you need to realise who you are, what your game is, what kind of player you are. I think he's heading in the right direction."

Speaking about his brilliant and matching winning knocks, he said it was his responsibility as part of the top three to guide India's batting and get a big score.

"I had been around for a while, so experience counts in pressure situations, understanding where the game is heading and what I need to do in terms of the tempo of the game. You obviously want to take a lot of pride for stepping up for the team as much as you can, I definitely take a lot of pride in that. So yeah, two good games with the bat for me but more importantly we got the result because of my contribution as well, that always feels much, much better.

"And eventually that's all that matters, when you cross the line and win games. Today we were under a bit of pressure but Shreyas, the way he played, took all the pressure off me and I could just play with my usual tempo, control the game from one end. It's always a collective team effort and that's why we want to always perform as a team.

As I said last game and this game, Shikhar and Rohit have been brilliant performers for us, one of them usually gets a big score but if they don't then it's my responsibility in the top three to get a big score. That's how we have played and that's why we've been so successful - 75% win ratio over the last three-four years. We have a good template that we follow as a team," Kohli said.