In a stupid Video trending in Pakistan showing Virat Kohli playing for Pakistan in 2025 world cup

Pakistan celebrates its defense day on Friday, September 6. On this day, the Pakistan remembers the sacrifices made by its soldiers on defending the borders. A day before defence day, a video came out circulating on the social media showing India captain Virat Kohli playing for the Pakistan in the field after Pakistan conquered India.

In the video, India and Pakistan go to war and India eventually loses it and becomes a part of Pakistan. As a result,Virat Kohli becomes a member of the Pakistan cricket team. And he was seen playing as Opening batsmen for Pakistan in T20 World Cup 2025 which is played at the Srinagar Cricket Stadium. A commentator announces that the match is between Pakistan and England and he introduces the two openers for Pakistan “two legendary batsmen Babar Azam and Virat Kohli”.

The video was shared by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat with a caption, “Pakistan cricket team playing in Srinagar, Virat Kohli playing for Pakistan. Just some regular delusions, nothing else.”

Watch the video

Virat's Reaction on this would be like:

source: twitter and crictracker