We don't use home advantage enough: James Anderson

England pace bowling spearhead James Anderson, who is recovering from a calf injury, feels more could have been done to make use of home advantage.

"Not really, if we're being brutally honest," replied James Anderson when asked if the pitches provided enough assistance. "I think they've probably suited Australia more than us. I would have liked to have seen a bit more grass but that's the nature of the game here. When you're selling out - like Lancashire selling out five days of Test cricket - it's hard not to produce a flat deck but, you know, that's one of the frustrations from a player's point of view. We go to Australia and get pitches that suit them. They come over here and get pitches that suit them. It doesn't seem quite right.

"Even like last year - I thought they were good pitches here against India. I thought they weren't green enough but I thought they suited us more than India. We as a country or cricket team, cricket board, don't use home advantage enough. As I said when you go to Australia, go to India, Sri Lanka, they prepare pitches that suit them. I feel like we could just be a little bit more biased towards our own team."

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