Keshav Maharaj Defends his fellow spinners after their dismal performance

Keshav Maharaj who picked 3 wickets in the first innings has defended his fellow spinners, Piedt and Muthusamy, despite their dismal performance in first innings , suggesting that South Africa's toss loss was just as big a factor as the quality of batting.

"I wouldn't say they bowled poorly. They bowled really well. I personally judge if someone comes down the wicket and hits you, it's not a bad ball. If you are getting hit from the crease, if you are getting cut, then it's a different story. Dane Piedt was unlucky," Maharaj said.

"Mayank(Indian opener) played superbly well and so did Rohit Sharma. Literally everything they wanted to do paid off, it was their day. I wouldn't look too much if they bowled badly or anything. Sen [Muthusamy] is an all-rounder, a batting all-rounder, so his contribution in his first Test went pretty well, especially in the tough conditions.

"I suppose the toss does play a part because you want the best possible conditions to bowl for the spinners but having said that, we could have been a little bit better at times when we did bowl. But I suppose the toss does play a large factor in terms of the outcome of the game. But we still have a task at hand in terms of bat as long as possible and try and come close to the target if possible," he said.

Image source: © AFP