Bigg Boss 13: WHAT! Shehnaaz Gill Agrees To FAKING Love For Sidharth Shukla For The Game?

Bigg Boss 13 most entertaining contestant Shehnaaz Gill has been on the headlines for her flipping and quirky nature. But more than that, Shehnaaz Gill has been making news owing to her increasing closeness with co-contestant and actor Sidharth Shukla.

While Shehaaz Gill has always claimed to be loyal to Sid Shukla, netizens have often pointed out how she has stranded the actor when he needs her the most. During the recent media interaction session in the Bigg Boss house, Shehnaaz Gill burst into tears after she was questioned by the media about her friendship with Sid and the intent behind it.

The journalists were seen quizzing Shehnaaz Gill saying that she claims to be emotionally attached to Sidharth Shukla, but then she sits with those who are from the rival group. The journalists further questioned Shehnaaz Gill asking her if her “dosti” with Shukla ji was genuine or only for the game? And to everyone’s surprise, Shehnaaz accepts that she is doing it for the game!

Yes, guys, you read that! Sidharth Shukla is shown arguing with a teary-eyed Shehnaaz Gill in the bathroom over the same.